Bon Appétit


Fish - Pesce

Gamberoni all'Americana

King prawns cooked in Chef's secret sauce served on a bed of rice

Gamberoni all'Adriatica

King prawns cooked with mushrooms in white wine & cream sauce

Fritto Misto

Lightly flavoured fried squid, sardines & prawns

Tonno all'Aglio e Vino

Tuna steak cooked in garlic, cherry tomatoes & white wine

Trota Salmonata

Fresh poached salmon

Pesce Spada al Pepe Verde

Swordfish in green peppercon sauce

Branzino all'Aglio

Sea Bass in a white wine & garlic sauce

Gamberoni Piccanti

King prawns cooked with garlic, cherry tomatoes & gresh chilli, served on a bed of linguine

Salmone al Pepe Rosa

Salmon steak cooked with a pink peppercorn & cream sauce

Misto di Pesce in Umido

Fish platter, salmon sea bass, swordfish & king prawns cooked in a garlic tomato & white wine sauce, served with rice

Pesce Spada alla Siciliana

Swordfish in a garlic, olive, capers, fresh parsley, white wine & tomato sauce

All main courses are served with a choice of vegetables & sautéed potatoes